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Page Synopsis: If you haven't already, read Maija Haavisto's book Reviving The Broken Marionette: Treatments For Cfs/Me And Fibromyalgia, much of this site's material is taken from there


Taken from 'LDN, Nootropics, Rituximab and Fads: Maija Haavisto on Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia'


"...Improved on estrogen, but didn’t really expect anything from progesterone – it’s just “something that has to be taken if you take estrogen” (which doesn’t seem to do anything). But progesterone helps my hypoglycemia and makes my breathing easier and physical stamina better. Sadly, it’s supposed to be taken cyclically. I’m on a break after 11 days and my blood sugar just won’t stay up at all


I know of another person with ME/CFS who did very well on progesterone (but not on estrogen). She found out about progesterone by visiting forums for another disease group. How did you find out  about progesterone?


I went to a Belgian clinic after I asked my Dutch CFS/ME doctor if he could prescribe me growth hormone and he said he wouldn’t, but the clinic probably would. Which they did – they use it quite often. I was already taking various hormones, but based on my symptoms, lab tests and a physical exam they added estrogen, progesterone, the GH (and changed some of my existing hormone prescriptions


They said estrogen deficiency is one of my main problems and behind my severe hair loss (I had figured out I was deficient in estrogen, but didn’t connect it to the hair loss – time will tell whether they’re right), but they didn’t really mention anything about progesterone.


I don’t really view myself as taking it for CFS/ME (but progesterone deficiency from hypopituitarism), but of course it’s hard to say for sure which symptom comes from which problem. But I doubt I’d have never specifically asked for progesterone.


I’ll have to ask if there’s any chance I could take progesterone all the time. After all with the mini pill women are taking only (synthetic) progestagens without"



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